Best Walks in London – Prettiest Paths and Routes

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London is one of the most recognizable cities in the world. Famed for its far-reaching history, culture, art, architecture, and, of course, palaces. It’s a lot to take in, whether you’re staying for a weekend or a month.

Because there’s so much to see and do, walking in London is really the best way to see the sights. If you’ve travelled to places with plenty of incredible attractions, you’ll know that strolling is often the best way to take in all of the beauty.

That way, you’re not zooming by too fast to see the intricate details. And an extra added bonus is that you can stop by whatever takes your fancy – like by some interesting London street food or a cute coffee shop.

Whether you want to see London’s must-see attractions, artistic graffiti, or the beautiful gardens that punctuate the cityscape, there’s a walk that will suit your interests perfectly.

Keep reading to find out which walks you should meander down while in London.

Exploring Ladbroke Square and its iconic British Victorian houses
Exploring Ladbroke Square and its iconic British Victorian houses


Best London Walks to See the Top Attractions

If you’re a little tight on time and want to see all of London’s most famous sights, these walks cross the best of them.

You’ll be able to walk between some really amazing attractions, all while taking in the city’s vibe, which is a huge part of what makes London so unique.

Regent’s Canal London Walking Route

Just north of central London is the Regent’s Canal. This 13km long canal links a number of interesting London attractions together.

My favourite section is between Angel and Camden Town. You’ll pass by Granary Square, which is a cool, newly renovated area behind Kings Cross station, which is a notable landmark in its own right.

You can even stop and take the Harry Potter tour, if you’re a fan. Spoiler; I’m a huge Potterhead – check out all the Harry Potter filming locations in London if you’re also a fan!

There are other famous sections of this charming canal for you to walk by. Little Venice is a stunning spot that really lives up to its name. The boats that travel down this tree-lined canal are bright and cute, transporting you to – you guessed it – Venice.

The part of Regent's Canal close to Angel on a sunny day
The part of Regent’s Canal close to Angel on a sunny day
The colourful umbrella street in Camden Market
The colourful umbrella street in Camden Market

Jubilee Greenway

If you’re looking to see the most popular attractions in London, consider exploring this 67-kilometre stretch.

This path was created to celebrate the queen’s Sapphire Jubilee when she became the longest-reigning monarch of England. To mark this impressive milestone, there is a kilometre of walkway for each year of the queen’s reign.

The path connects major Olympic sites and passes by iconic London landmarks, like Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace, amongst others.

But of course, you might not want to walk for days on end, even if there are so many incredible things to see.

If you want to experience Regent’s Canal, mentioned above, hop onto the Little Venice to Camden section. Here you’ll walk along the Regent’s Canal and across the top of Regent’s path.

It’s possibly the prettiest 3.7km part of the Greenway. But whatever area you experience, it’s sure to be lovely.

Exploring Westminster Abby in London
Exploring Westminster Abby in London – one of the sights on the Jubilee Greenway

South Bank Walk in London

This is one of the most exciting, dynamic, and vibrant areas of the city. Buzzing with energy and culture, you should definitely head to the South Bank for a morning or afternoon explorative stroll.

Next to the River Thames, which is a landmark in itself, this path picks up almost all of the main London sights. Be sure to take your camera along and snap some iconic London photos of Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye Ferris wheel.

It’s also very pretty and peaceful along the tree-lined riverside walkway. You might even come across an interesting fair or market, as you make your way to Tower Bridge.

If you want to learn about the South Banks fascinating history as you go along, consider joining a guided walking tour.

Enjoying South Bank in summer
Enjoying South Bank in summer
Millennium Bridge with the dome of St Paul's in the back, one of the iconic spots you will see walking along South Bank
Millennium Bridge with the dome of St Paul’s in the back, one of the iconic spots you will see walking along South Bank

Best Walks Around London for Culture

Step away from the city’s main attractions to experience London’s contemporary culture. About 2000 years have gone into the making of this fascinating city, and walking is the best way to experience what makes London what it is today.

Portobello Market to the Natural History Museum

This part of London is one of the most popular areas in London, but you don’t often find tourists just wandering around here. As a Londoner, I absolutely love just walking around this part of London, I find it’s somewhat of a local’s hidden gem.

Portobello Market is a wonderful space to really feel the vibrancy of modern London. One of the most diverse and interesting spaces in the city, you can find all kinds of wonders here, with the pretty backdrop of Notting Hill around it.

It also has some of the most incredible international foods and street performances. After spending a morning at the market, walk through Notting Hill, through South Kensington and to the Natural History Museum.

You’ll pass by some of the opulent areas of London, where gorgeous Victorian houses give you an idea of what England used to be like, back in the day. Here you will find some of the most beautiful streets in London.

This walk will take you under an hour, so you can take your time to amble along the route. And that means that you’ll have more time to explore the Natural History Museum, which is one of the most fascinating museums you’ll ever come across.

Some of the beautiful houses on Cornwall Gardens
Some of the beautiful houses on Cornwall Gardens
Kensington Park Gardens, lined with beautiful white Victorian houses
Kensington Park Gardens, lined with beautiful white Victorian houses

Shoreditch Street Art Tour

If you’re looking for something a bit different, this is the best walking route in London for you. You’ll see another side of the city as you admire these impressive artworks. And if you’ve ever wanted to see Banksy’s work for yourself, now’s your chance!

The streets of this area are alive with vibrant artworks that range from cute to political, and everything in between. Exploring these streets will allow you to see the grittier side of London, which is certainly a very prevalent part of modern British culture.

There is no particular street that I’d recommend, as the whole area deserves to be solidly inspected. Shoreditch is basically an outdoor art gallery and is one of the coolest free things to do in London.

For a detailed map and more photos of the walking route, check out my Shoreditch street art tour article.

The first beautiful piece on Fashion Street
The first beautiful piece on Fashion Street
The colourful faces at the start of Rivington Street
The colourful faces at the start of Rivington Street

The Line Public Art Walk

Keeping with the theme of art is this outdoor exhibition route. It runs between Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and The O2, and follows the waterways, so that it’s easy to follow and the works of art are accentuated by natural beauty.

A number of local and international artists have collaborated on this unique exhibition through the city. The artworks are sculptural and were created to complement this aquatic cityscape in exciting ways.

The view of the high rise buildings across the water, with a sculptural art piece juxtaposed against the city, is something you won’t soon forget. So if you’re looking for a deeper cultural experience of the city, this East London walk will undoubtedly deliver.

View over the O2 Arena from the offices of Canary Wharf
View over the O2 Arena from the offices of Canary Wharf

Best Walks in London for Natural Beauty

If you’re looking for nice walks in London to take in the scenery, you might want to head to the parks. London is filled with beautiful green parks that break up the cityscape wonderfully.

Here are a few of the best walking routes in London that lean towards greenery and wildlife.

St. James Park

St. James is the oldest royal park in England, and is therefore very well established, and well taken care of.

It’s close to Westminster and Buckingham Palace, and is therefore easy to get to. It’s by some of the most beautiful spots of London, which makes it a great spot for a panoramic walk.

Here you can spend time just sitting on a bench or the grass, watching busy Londoners pass by. After all, who doesn’t love to people watch, particularly when travelling to such a diverse city.

You can also interact with British wildlife. The squirrels are so used to humans being part of their daily lives that they’ll come right up to you if you give them a little time.

So consider bringing a picnic for this walk, so you can settle down under one of the weeping willows and wait for a nibbler.

The London Eye as seen from Westminster Bridge
The London Eye as seen from Westminster Bridge

Kensington Gardens to Buckingham Palace through Hyde Park

Yes, you really can just stroll between two of the worlds most recognizable palaces, through an absolutely incredible park.

Technically this walk only takes 40-minutes, but I recommend that you set out a whole afternoon, or morning, for this little venture so that you can make the most of it.

The Serpentine, which is a long, sparkling body of water, breaks up the vast park, which sits right beside Kensington Gardens (go ahead and add the Gardens to your London itinerary too).

In the water, you’ll see swans and other beautiful birds that make this park their home.

Spend hours meandering down the many paths, taking in the green splendour and bright flowers, and enjoying the artworks that dot the park. And at the end of the route, you’ll see Buckingham Palace.

You certainly can’t go wrong with this nature walk in London.

Hyde Park in London
Hyde Park in London

Final thoughts on Walking in London

London is an incredible city, filled with tons of things to do, see and experience. As we’ve seen in this list, some of the biggest attractions can be experienced by walking around London.

Palaces, gardens, street art and even the Thames, can be seen and interacted with in this way.

Using your feet is also, of course, the healthiest way to get around London. For yourself and the environment, it’s good to do a little bit of walking.

Especially since London restaurants are so good that any time you’re not exploring will likely be spent in front of a delicious plate of British cuisine.

These walks can all be done regardless of if you’re visiting London in summer or in winter.

They’ll be more pleasant in warm sunny weather, but even winter walks in crisp cool air can be delightful, especially when you get to explore the main London sights.

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