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Hi everyone, my name is Greta, and I’m a Londoner!

I wasn’t born in London (like many others who call themselves Londoners after all) but I’ve been living in this beautiful city for the past 8 years.

I first visited London with my parents at the young age of 11, and quickly fell in love with the city. I moved here in 2012 for university when I had just turned 18.

Since then London has been my home and I’ve lived so many of the different experiences that London has to offer.

From university student to corporate worker in the city and now to self-employed blogger, I’ve seen lots of different aspects of London, and lived different styles of “London life”.

Greta Omoboni - author of London Dreaming
That’s me chilling by the London Eye

After 3.5 years of running my travel blog Greta’s Travels, I decided to dedicate myself to something a bit closer to home. After all, most of the travel advice people ask me for is always about London!

And that’s how London Dreaming was born. I wanted a place where I could put together all the most useful London travel resources to help you plan your trips, but also some inspirational London stories or funny anecdotes of London life that don’t really fit the travel theme of my other blog.

London Dreaming also goes into the food, bars and nightlife of London, because you can’t come to London and only see the main tourist landmarks.

Really experiencing London means also trying some greasy burger at Camden Market and dancing the night away in a club in Soho.

If there is anything specific you want to know about London that you can’t find here just let me know!

Don’t know where to start? Check out these London guides…

…or take my London quiz!


Enjoying the sunset over the Thames and Tower Bridge
Enjoying the sunset over the Thames and Tower Bridge
Enjoying the view over St Paul's Cathedral from the rooftop of One New Change
Enjoying the view over St Paul’s Cathedral from the rooftop of One New Change
Sunset at the London Eye
Sunset at the London Eye

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