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This is probably my favourite section of this website.

One of the reasons I still live in London even as a digital nomad, is the food and drink scene. I love going out for dinner and drinks in London.

In London you will find a huge variety of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and street food markets second to none. Regardless of your budget, you’re guaranteed a great culinary experience in London.

With so much choice, it’s only natural that you might need help deciding where to go. Whether you’re searching for a fun bottomless brunch, a cool rooftop bar or a quirky afternoon tea bus tour, here you will find recommendations for everything.

So what are you waiting for? The London culinary scene is waiting for you!

10 Best Pubs & Bars in Islington, London

Collage of Islington and drinks at a bar with text overlay saying "Best Bars & Pubs in Islington, London, London"

Islington is well known as a cultural hotspot. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find some of the best pubs and bars in Islington. Scattered among the victorian terraces and bustling high streets, you’ll find plenty of great places to enjoy a drink and relax. It’s also home to countless theatres, venues and restaurants, […]

7 Best Restaurants in Notting Hill, London

Collage of Notting Hill and food with text overlay saying "Best brunch in Notting Hill, London"

Notting Hill is famous for many things, including pretty pastel-coloured terraces, the Caribbean Carnival and Julia Roberts. However, it’s also well known for having one of the best selections of restaurants in London. You’ll find countless great places to eat as you explore Notting Hill’s vibrant streets. This buzzing neighbourhood is filled with culture and […]

7 Best Brunches in Islington, London

Photo of Camden Passage in London and an Eggs Royale dish with text overlay saying "Best brunch in Islington, London"

Islington is home to many amazing cafes and top restaurants, from vibrant American-style diners to beautiful neighbourhood bakeries and everything in-between. You’ll have no problem finding some of the best brunches in Islington. Whether you’re looking for breakfast in Angel or brunch in Highbury, there are plenty of great places to experience in Islington. You […]

6 Best Restaurants in Islington, London

Photo collage of Camden Passage, the Angel wings in Islington at sunset and a curry dish with text overlay saying "Best restaurants in Islington, London"

Islington is famed for its huge range of great bars and restaurants. From Upper Street to Canonbury and beyond, Islington boasts some of the best places to eat in London. Whatever your tastes, you’ll have no trouble finding a nice restaurant serving some of the best food. You could stop by for hearty comfort food […]

7 Best Pubs in Mayfair, London

Photo collage of a group of friends toasting with beers and Big Ben with text overlay saying "Best pubs in Mayfair, London"

While some of the best pubs in Mayfair embrace the borough’s classy nature, others embody the more causal vibe that pubs are known for. You can try award-winning savory pies at The Windmill, enjoy a delicious Sunday roast from The Market Tavern, and sip on an ale at The Punchbowl. So if you’re looking for […]

6 Best Bars in Mayfair, London

Photo collage of the streets of London and cocktail glasses on a bar top with text overlay saying "Best bars in Mayfair, London"

The best bars in Mayfair cover quite the range of options. You can visit a classy bar in a five-star hotel, a trendy venue with drinks served in fishbowls and Chinese takeaway cartons, or a classic spot with internationally inspired décor. No matter what type of bar you’re searching for, you’ll be able to find […]

6 Best Cafes in Mayfair, London

Photo collage of Tower Bridge and a pink coffee cup with text overlay saying "Best cafes in Mayfair, London"

London is packed with amazing cafes. There are ones where you can work, others where you can take photos for Instagram, and many where you can grab a fantastic cup of coffee. The best cafes in Mayfair are a combination of all three. While in Mayfair, you can savor the most expensive coffee in the […]

6 Places to Get the Best Breakfast in Mayfair, London

Photo collage of the sunset along the Thames River and a plate of Eggs Royale with text overlay saying "Best breakfast spots in Mayfair, London"

Mayfair is one of the most lavish and centrally located boroughs in London. And not only is it home to some of the best London attractions, it is also home to some of the best breakfast spots in the city as well. When looking for the best breakfast in Mayfair, there are quite a few […]

6 Best Cocktail Bars in Covent Garden, London

Photo collage of the Apple Market in Covent Garden and a table full of cocktails with text overlay saying "Best cocktail bars in Covent Garden, London"

Covent Garden isn’t just a popular stop on every London itinerary. There are loads of things to do in Covent Garden, both for tourists and Londoners alike. With its fantastic restaurants, markets, and cafes, Covent Garden has made a name for itself as one of the best foodie boroughs in London. This means that Covent […]

6 Best Cafes in Covent Garden

Photo collage of the Apple market in Covent Garden and a cup of coffee with text overlay saying "Best cafes in Covent Garden, London"

Covent Garden is one of the most beautiful places in London, and one of the most visited on any London itinerary. However it’s not just a market where you can find cute London souvenirs. There are loads of awesome things to do in Covent Garden. It’s one of the most amazing foodie hubs in London, […]