6 Best Cocktail Bars in Covent Garden, London

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Covent Garden isn’t just a popular stop on every London itinerary. There are loads of things to do in Covent Garden, both for tourists and Londoners alike.

With its fantastic restaurants, markets, and cafes, Covent Garden has made a name for itself as one of the best foodie boroughs in London. This means that Covent Garden is also home to quite a few tasty cocktail bars.

You can enjoy the best martinis in the neighborhood at Dirty Martini, dance the night away at Blame Gloria, or just enjoy a few casual drinks after work at the Covent Garden Cocktail Bar.

So if you’re looking for the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden, this list includes all of the best places for you to grab a drink.

The big Christmas tree in Covent Garden, London
The big Christmas tree in Covent Garden, London

6 Best Cocktail Bars in Covent Garden

Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini has long established itself as one of the spots to get the best cocktails in Covent Garden, particularly martinis. While you can get all the classic martinis, you can also try some creative ones.

You can order a peach hibiscus martini, an espresso martini, or even a mango and chilli martini (careful, this one is spicy!). To add to the atmosphere, you can enjoy your drink of choice while listening to the fantastic music playing throughout the venue.

And if you’re looking for cheap cocktails in Covent Garden, head over to Dirty Martini for happy hour, when all of the drinks are half price!

Mr. Fogg’s Tavern

This old-style tavern is named after Phileas Fogg, the main character in Around the World in Eighty Days. Consequently, Mr. Fogg’s Tavern is appropriately decorated with knickknacks from all around the planet from globes to teacups to bird cages.

But you’ll never forget that you’re in Britain, thanks to the many small British flags weaving their way across the ceiling. And to add this inviting, charming atmosphere, there are the delicious drinks with fun names. 

While at Mr. Fogg’s Tavern, you can order just about any alcoholic beverage you would like. But the highlight is, of course, the cocktails.

A few of the signature cocktails at Mr. Fogg’s Tavern include punch up in the garden, glugging gigglemug, and cheeky chuckaboo.

Covent Garden Grind

The Covent Garden Grind is both one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden and one of the best cafes in Covent Garden. As a matter of fact, it is one of ten Grinds spread out throughout London (my favourite one is in Shoreditch).

Since the Covent Garden Grind serves up both coffee and alcohol, it’s no surprise that there are many that are drinks that are a combination of both.

Try the Grind espresso martini, the hot flat white Russian, and the espresso old fashioned.

The Covent Garden Grind also includes a restaurant. You can order the smashed avocado on toast, the porridge with fresh berries, or one of the tasty smoothie bowls.

Covent Garden Cocktail Club 

The London Cocktail Club group has over a dozen locations spread out across the city, but the Covent Garden location was the first one.

With its casual vibe and good music, it’s the perfect place to head for a drink and enjoy some good conversation. And it definitely helps that the cocktails are top-notch. Try the bramley apple smash, the candy shop Collins, or the nuclear daiquiri.

As an added bonus, if you’re looking for cheap cocktail bars in Covent Garden, this Covent Garden cocktail bar has two-for-one cocktails every night until 7 p.m.

It is important to note that you have to be a member of the London Cocktail Club in order to gain access into the Covent Garden Cocktail Club. While it is completely free to join, you must register 24 hours in advance.

Be at One

Be at One has dozens of locations all around the U.K., including one as far as Wales! Luckily, there’s a Be at One location at Seven Dials, so you don’t have to leave Covent Garden to enjoy this successful cocktail bar.

With its black exterior and large windows, Be at One looks pretty unassuming. But once you head inside and try the drinks, you’ll definitely change your opinion.

First, you’ll have to narrow down the type of cocktail that you want: sparkling, frozen, signature, or made of just about any alcohol you can think of. A few of the most popular drinks include the Jamaican me crazy, the pornstar martini, and the Key West cooler.

Be at One bars tend to become dance floors after a certain hour, which is perfect for those looking for a night out without too much effort. It’s not a fancy bar, but one where you’re always guaranteed a good night.

Blame Gloria 

With a name like “Blame Gloria,” the first question that most people ask is “who’s Gloria?” Gloria is the party girl. The one that gets you into all sorts of fun – and all sorts of trouble – or so the story goes.

Blame Gloria, previously known as Adventure Bar Covent Garden, is definitely one of the best cocktail bars in Covent Garden.

And with its colorful neon lights, brightly patterned wallpaper, and eclectic atmosphere, it happens to be one of the wildest and quirkiest cocktail bars in Covent Garden too.

There are dozens of drinks to choose from, so you’ll definitely find something that’s up your alley. A few of their specialty drinks include the citrus and mango cooler, the velvet revolver, and the calamity Jane.

As for the music, it covers just about every genre and decade there is, so there’s a good chance that a few of your favorite songs will play through the speakers if you hang around long enough.

Then, you can dance the night away on the packed dance floor.

Final Thoughts on the Best Cocktail Bars in Covent Garden

Covent Garden isn’t just a touristy stop on most London itineraries, where you can find cute London gifts and snap pretty Instagram photos. It’s also a lively London neighbourhood, which comes alive every night.

Each of the best Covent Garden cocktail bars has something a little bit different to other. You can admire souvenirs from all around the world at Mr. Fogg’s Tavern, get both coffee and alcohol at Covent Garden Grind, and party the night away at Blame Gloria.

Covent Garden is one of the best places to stay in London, especially for first-time visitors. It’s home to some of the most amazing things to do in London, including a couple of Harry Potter filming locations!

Are there other fun Covent Garden cocktail bars that I should feature on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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