London Gift Ideas – 20+ Typically British Present Ideas

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London Gift Ideas – what to buy for someone who loves London or is planning a trip to London

Want to buy the perfect gift for someone you know who’s visiting London? Or, are you looking for ideas for what to buy a friend/family member who just loves souvenirs from England in general?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. This guide contains gift inspiration of all sorts, from presents for UK fans to London tour vouchers and British souvenirs. Even those most difficult to shop for will be pleased to receive some of the items on this list.

Let’s jump into the best gifts from London.

Tower Bridge as seen from More London Place, from the south side of the river
Tower Bridge as seen from More London Place, from the south side of the river

In this guide:

London Gift Ideas For UK Enthusiasts

London is one of the most popular cities in the world. If you have any London lovers in your life, this is the perfect list of UK themed gift items.

Or, if you know someone relocating to another city from London, they’ll serve as great inspiration for a farewell present.

Throw pillows are both useful and decorative. They’re the perfect addition to any home and come in all sorts of fun designs.

This single pillow cover sums up London in multiple images. It has iconic UK symbols, like the Queen’s crown, Sherlock Holmes, and a map of the country.

You can also buy a set of throw pillow cases showing classic city scenes, like rainy days, red telephone boxes and popular landmarks. This London present will look good in any home.

London has lots of beautiful landmarks and photo opportunities. Photo prints of these famous sites are the perfect home decor present. The designs capture the heart and soul of the English capital.

Even better, lots of them come ready to hang. This paper print of London’s red bus and Big Ben is a classic city scene that all UK fans will appreciate.

Looking for “London gifts for her”? A fashionable handbag is a great option.

Check out this small tote bag. It has a creative map of London on it and features some of the city’s top landmarks. These include Big Ben, Parliament, and Westminster Abbey. It’s a fun every-occasion bag.

A cardholder/wallet is something everyone uses. You can find some that are very fashionable and can even be carried on their own. This Union Jack wallet will easily fit all of your cards in it. It also has a section for notes and coins.

A London mug is a no-fail gift idea – perfect for all coffee drinkers, tea consumers and hot chocolate lovers. While your giftee is enjoying their favourite hot beverage at home, they’ll be reminded of the city.

If you’re after a set of mugs, this Charlene Mullen set depicts scenes of London in a modern design. Whether you pick up a mug as a souvenir from London or buy one online, this gift will not disappoint.

An easy gift idea for female UK fans is a piece of jewellery. A simple London skyline necklace shows a sampling of the city’s iconic attractions. It’s small and classic, meaning it can be worn on all occasions.

Best Souvenirs From London to Gift Someone

Are you planning a trip to London yourself and looking for gifts to take home with you? If so, here are some souvenirs from London you can buy in the city and online.

Any true Harry Potter fan will appreciate this gift. Since the UK is the main setting for the series, you’ll find plenty of officially licensed merchandise. And souvenirs purchased here seems extra special.

You’ll find all sorts of things, from Hogwarts pyjama sets to sweaters and socks. There are also stores all over London that sell souvenirs from the wizarding world.

Primark Department Store is a great place to go for affordable merchandise. Or, if you’re looking to splurge a bit, check out The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 ¾ in Kings Cross station.

There are so many presents in London for tea drinkers.

Since enjoying a cup of this steaming beverage is a part of British culture, tea accessories are sold all over the city. From classic tea sets to fancy mugs and saucers, this souvenir will be easy to find.

A London themed tea towel will look good in anyone’s kitchen. You can pair it with some tea from the city’s most popular brand: Fortnum & Mason. If you’re looking for typically British products, this one will definitely be a winner.

London and UK-themed clothing items are easy to find souvenirs. A classic London, England t-shirt or sweater makes an easy gift to anyone who appreciates comfy clothes.

 If you want to find something a little more fashion-forward, a stylish scarf will also make a great gift.

Useful London Gifts For Travellers Visiting the City

Do you know someone with an upcoming trip to London? Here are some great gifts to help prepare them for their holiday, and make their time in the English capital extra special.

London Experiences: Tickets & Tours

Although material gifts come in handy during any trip, buying someone an experience will create memories that will last a lifetime. Here are the best tickets and attractions to purchase for someone who is about to travel to London.

London is full of iconic landmarks. Although some are free, many cost money to enter. By gifting someone tickets, you’ll help them check off a few stops on their itinerary.

The Tower of London and Crown Jewels Exhibition is a must on every London bucket list. Guests can trace 1000 years of English history and marvel at the Crown Jewels of the British Monarchy.

For something a little more modern, The London Eye provides some of the best views of the city.

Click here to purchase a London Pass & access to over 80 London attractions!

View over Westminster from the top of the London Eye
View over Westminster from the top of the London Eye

A guided tour of London is a great gift to give someone to introduce them to the city. There are countless options to choose from. For active travellers, a walking tour or bike trip are both great options.

Or, for something a little more leisurely, a night bus tour is always fun. They’ll see London landmarks like Big Ben, Harrods, and Trafalgar Square lit up after dark on a fun, yet informative tour.

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Tower Bridge and the Shard in the back seen from the Girl with a Dolphin statue
Tower Bridge and the Shard in the back seen from the Girl with a Dolphin statue

A London dining experience is perfect for a fun night out. These kinds of activities offer the VIP treatment, complete with multiple courses and live entertainment. This is the kind of gift everyone will appreciate.

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Enjoying our London dinner river cruise with City Cruises
Enjoying our London dinner river cruise with City Cruises

Afternoon tea is a popular English tradition. Help your giftee step this experience up a notch and buy them a tea cruise on the River Thames.

They’ll see London’s most beautiful landmarks from a different perspective while sipping tea and indulging in mouthwatering sandwiches and cakes.

It doesn’t get more quintessentially British than tea on the Thames River! I’ve done it a couple of times now, and I always love dining cruises on the River Thames.

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Me and my friend Laura during our London afternoon tea bus tour
Me and my friend Laura during our London afternoon tea bus tour

Anyone visiting London will benefit from a foldable travel umbrella. Even in summer, rainfall can occur. An umbrella provides instant protection and won’t let a little thing like rain damper your outdoor exploring.

And, since it’s small in size it’s much easier to fit inside a purse or travel backpack.

A travel journal is a perfect gift to remember a trip by. Recording your time in London with pen and paper is so much more personal than pictures and videos. All of your captured adventures, stories, and memories can be reminisced on at a later date.

An Oyster card is the main public transportation card for getting around London. It’s the one thing you don’t want to lose, which is why an oyster card holder makes a great gift. The sturdy holder protects the card from bending and makes it easier to find.

The cafe scene in London is unreal. Coffee drinkers will definitely want to visit a place or two during their trip. This makes a reusable coffee cup a great gift.

Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it can also help travellers save money, as many cafes offer discounts to people who bring their own cup. 

Everyone appreciates having a refillable water bottle. London’s tap water is safe to drink, so there’s really no need to buy single-use plastic water bottles. And, having to stop to find water is a huge inconvenience. 

A foldable reusable shopping bag is the perfect place for travellers to store all of their London souvenirs while you’re out shopping. You can find them in all sorts of fun designs, and they come with a cute little pouch that they fold into when not in use.

Since the UK charges for plastic bags, this will help them save a few pounds during their trip.


Gifts From London: Final Thoughts

London is known for many things and boasts some pretty amazing landmarks, attractions, and experiences. It’s the kind of city that people know about even if they’ve never visited before.

It’s also the kind of city you could visit over and over again and discover something new and exciting each time.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a UK fan or something to add to a London packing list, I hope this guide has inspired you.

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