7 Best Bars in Camden, London

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The trendy borough of Camden, London is filled with awesome bars. Whether you’re looking for a place for a solid happy hour or a full night on the town, Camden has it all!

You can order one of the 150 different cocktails from Fifty-Five Bar, get a taste of Brazilian culture at Made in Brasil, listen to your favorite musician at the Jazz Café, or stop at the celebrity-filled Hawley Arms.

I lived in Camden for three years when I first moved to London and let me tell you, you’re always guaranteed a good night out in Camden. The nights in Camden are always lively, with a huge bar scene to choose from.

So if you’re looking for the best bars in Camden, you’ve come to the right place! This Camden bar guide includes all of the best places for you to check out.

The crazy shop fronts of Camden High Street
The crazy shop fronts of Camden High Street


7 Best Bars in Camden

Fifty-Five Bar 

Fifty-Five Bar is definitely one of the best bars in Camden, thanks to its wide array of tasty cocktails and frequent happy hours.

This Camden bar serves up over 150 different cocktails. In other words, if there’s a drink that you want, the bartenders can prepare it for you.

You can get a James Bond-esque vodka martini, a classic Moscow Mule, or the intriguing passion fruit-filled The Brazilian.

And with happy hour every single night from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Fifty-Five is one of the best places to get cheap drinks in Camden. And as an added bonus, this bar has happy hour all night on Sundays!

Jazz Café

If you’re looking for cool bars in Camden, the Jazz Café should definitely be on your radar. Between the live music, delightful drinks, and fun atmosphere, the Jazz Café has a pretty awesome vibe.

Musicians of all genres – not just jazz musicians – have performed at the Jazz Café, including Pharaoh Sanders, Lee Scratch Perry, and even Amy Winehouse.

And it’s not uncommon for part of this bar to turn into a dance floor when the music really gets going. 

As for the drinks, the Jazz Café has quite a few signature cocktails, including Tommy’s Margarita, Spiced & Stormy, and Burnt Pear Old Fashioned. But you can always get a classic cold beer instead.

BYOC Camden 

You’re probably thinking, “what does BYOC stand for?” It stands for “Bring Your Own Cocktail” – and while that might seem counterintuitive for a bar, it allows BYOC Camden to do a little something special.

At BYOC Camden, you bring your own bottle of alcohol to the bar, and the bartenders will transform it into a tasty cocktail using some of the fun flavors they have behind the bar.

Who knows what intriguing drink you’ll get from a simple bottle of rum, gin, or vodka?

Camden Assembly 

With fantastic food, creative cocktails, and awesome live music, Camden Assembly is undoubtedly one of the best bars in Camden.

While the Jazz Café hosts performances by more well-known artists, Camden Assembly gives up-and-coming musicians the opportunity to perform.

The likes of Coldplay and Franz Ferdinand actually played at this Camden bar during the early stages of their careers. And if the music scene doesn’t convince you to pay the Camden Assembly a visit, maybe the food and drinks will.

This establishment is actually known for its mouthwatering, juicy burgers. Pair that with a refreshing cocktail, and it makes for a pretty perfect night.

As an added bonus, Camden Assembly has a special every Tuesday: £5 cocktails. So not only is it one of the coolest bars in town, but it also happens to be one of the cheapest bars in Camden as well.

Made in Brasil 

Many of the best bars in Camden have a similar situation: an inviting atmosphere, contemporary live music, and classic drinks. Made in Brasil offers a little something different, thanks to its ever-present Brazilian culture.

Before you even walk in, you’ll know you’re in the right place, thanks to the huge Christ the Redeemer relief portrait on the outside of the building.

And once you get inside, the Brazilian culture continues from the thrumming samba music to the tangy caipirinhas (the national cocktail of Brazil) to the fantastic Brazilian tapas.

Happy hour at Made in Brasil takes place every night from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and lasts all night on Tuesdays.

The Hawley Arms 

The Hawley Arms is a legendary Camden bar, mostly due to the fact that it was one of Amy Winehouse’s favorite spots in town. And she’s not the only celebrity known to stop into this bar every now and again.

With a polaroid-plastered wall, a book-covered wall, and an exposed brick wall with a crackling fireplace, the ambiance of this bar is certainly one-of-a-kind. And that doesn’t even include the packed outdoor patio and the portrait hung in honor of Amy Winehouse.

You too can visit this celebrity hotspot to enjoy the energetic atmosphere, stiff drinks, and solid food. So what are you waiting for? Head on over, grab a pint of beer and a plate of fish and chips, and enjoy the night.

BrewDog Camden 

If beer is your drink of choice, the BrewDog Camden is undoubtedly one of the best bars in Camden for you.

As a matter of fact, the BrewDog company has become so popular that they’ve expanded across the U.K. and into the U.S., Spain, Germany, Australia, Italy, and much more. They’ve even opened a couple of hotels under the BrewDog brand.

But all of the success started with a simple bottle of beer. With dozens of beers available at the BrewDog Camden location, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first. But don’t worry!

The staff is there to help you narrow your choice, even if you’re not a beer aficionado. A few of their most popular beers include Elvis Juice, Hazy Jane, Punk IPA, and Clockwork Tangerine.

Final Thoughts on the Best Camden Town Bars

No matter what type of bar you’re looking for in Camden, you’ll find something that suits your style. Whether you’re looking for creative drinks, live music, dance floors, or even historical significance, one of the best bars in Camden will be perfect for you.

Camden isn’t just famous for its bars. You can find also lots of excellent restaurants and cafes, which make it one of the liveliest and best areas to stay in London, especially if it’s your first time visiting.

Are there other good bars in Camden that you think I should feature on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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