Best Things To Do In Camden, London

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Camden is so much more than just Camden Town. The London borough of Camden actually goes from Holborn all the way up to Hampstead Heath, and encompasses a huge variety of points of interest.

In this guide I’m going to share with you all the best things to do in Camden, London, which aren’t just visiting Camden Market. I’ll take you to some hidden gems in Camden only Londoners know about, as well as popular tourist spots.

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Camden, London, this is the guide for you!

The crazy shop fronts of Camden High Street
The crazy shop fronts of Camden High Street


10 best things to do in Camden

Try the street food at Camden Market

I know I said this guide would go beyond just Camden Market, however it would be unfair to write a Camden guide and not include Camden Market.

Camden Market is one of those touristy places that despite the chaos, I always keep returning to.

When I first moved to London I spent my student years living in Camden, and Camden Market was my standard lunch stop on my way home from lectures (especially if I was a bit hangover).

I’ve tried a lot of the Camden Market food stalls, and can confidently say which ones are the best ones. You will find all the most unique stalls in the section of Camden Market on the left of the Camden Lock bridge, alongside the canal.

Some of my favourite stalls are the halloumi fries, the Peruvian street food and the Dutch poffertjes. If you prefer to have a proper sit down meal there are also many tasty restaurants in Camden.

The famous halloumi fries of Camden Market
The famous halloumi fries of Camden Market

Go shopping at Camden Market

I’ve mentioned the food, but the shopping at Camden Market deserves a separate point by itself. Camden Market is huge, with lots of stalls and sections spread out over a fairly big area.

When you walk out from Camden Town tube station you will first walk past the new container complex, then the Camden Lock area where most of the street food is, and you will then finally reach the Stables. This is my favourite part of Camden Market.

The Stables are a part of Camden Market built into what was once a stable (as you may have guessed doom the name). There are various floors and layers to it, so make sure to factor in some time in your London itinerary for simply wandering around the market.

At Camden Market you can find all sorts of things. From traditional London souvenirs to quirkier vintage clothing, or from edgy jewellery to cute London gifts. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a high chance you’ll find it.

One of the indoors markets at Camden Market
One of the indoors markets at Camden Market

Enjoy the view from Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is one of my favourite places in London. This 60m hill is located at the northern end of Regents Park, one of the most popular parks in London. From the top of the hill you can enjoy spectacular views over the London skyline.

It’s one of the best places to visit in London in summer. Here you can usually find Londoners enjoying picnics in the sun, while taking in the grand London view.

You can easily walk there from Camden Town, as it’s very close.

Enjoying the view over Regents Park and the London skyline from Primrose Hill
Enjoying the view over Regents Park and the London skyline from Primrose Hill

Visit Chalcot Crescent

As you walk to Primrose Hill from Camden Town take a slight detour and walk past Chalcot Crescent. This is one of the prettiest streets in London.

With its Victorian architecture, pastel colours and tall columns, it’s definitely worth a visit. Every time I walk past it I wish I lived in one of those houses.

Colourful houses in Chalcot Crescent
Colourful houses in Chalcot Crescent

Walk along Regents’ Canal

Regents’ Canal is very long canal in London that goes from x to x, passing via Camden in the process. I love walking along the canal, as it’s usually pretty quiet and relaxing.

There are many lovely walking routes in London, and for me this is one of them. It might not be as scenic and won’t take you to those iconic London landmarks, but it’s a great way to see a slower side of London.

You can get down to the canal from Camden Market, and walk along it for as far as you wish.

The part of Regent's Canal close to Angel on a sunny day
The part of Regent’s Canal close to Angel on a sunny day

Visit Cyber Dog

Cyber Dog is one of the weirdest and most Camden Town places I can think about. Located in the Stables of Camden Market, this unique shop can be a bit of a sensory overload.

With loud music, dancers, dimmed lights and coloured strobe lights flashing everywhere, it feels like stepping into a club, not a shop. It’s wonderfully weird, just like Camden should be.

They sell all sorts of neon and weird clothing and accessories, as well as having a 18+ only section. Even if you’re not searching for anything they sell, it’s still a pretty cool place to explore.

Go for a night out in Camden Town!

Camden is a young and lively neighbourhood. On Friday and Saturday nights it comes alive with people searching for a fun night. And Camden always delivers.

There are loads of cool bars in Camden to choose from, as well as pubs and clubs. One of my favourites is Jazz Café, since they have live music and after a certain hour the bar turns into a dance floor.

Back in the day the likes of Amy Winehouse used to party the night away in Camden Town. You might not meet any celebrities today, but the party vibe still lingers in Camden.

The colourful umbrella street in Camden Market
The colourful umbrella street in Camden Market

Discover the street art in Camden

London is a city with loads of street art. Some areas like Shoreditch and Brixton are especially known for it, however that doesn’t mean that Camden doesn’t have any cool and quirky street art to offer.

You can find most of the street art surrounding Camden High Street, but also in other places nearby. The bridge that connects Chalk Farm tube station to Regent’s Park Road is one of those places.

Exploring cool street art, whether it’s in Camden or elsewhere in London, is in my opinion a must on any London bucket list.

Some of the fun street art in Camden, London
Some of the fun street art in Camden, London

See the statue of Amy Winehouse

In the Stables area of Camden Market you can find a statue dedicated to Amy Winehouse. It’s a bronze statue that was unveiled in 2014, three years after her death.

Taste the ice cream at Chin Chin Labs

I’m Italian, which means I’ve had my fair share of gelato. I’m not usually a fan of ice cream in the UK, but I make an exception for the one at Chin Chin Labs.

The ice cream at Chin Chin Labs is prepared in front of you on the moment with liquid nitrogen. I love seeing the process since it’s a bit different than usual, and you can get loads of cool toppings!

It puts a bit of a different spin on a culinary classic, and it tastes delicious! If you’re looking for more culinary experiences in Camden, make sure to check also these adorable cafes in Camden.

The nitrogen ice cream of Chin Chin Labs in Camden
The nitrogen ice cream of Chin Chin Labs in Camden

Final thoughts on the best things to do in Camden Town

There you have it, the ultimate compilation of all the top Camden Town attractions! Camden is one of my favourite parts of London, and I hope you will love it too.

There are lots of fun things to do and cool places to see in Camden, enough to never get bored! I tried to include also some secret things to do in Camden that only Londoners would know about, beyond the classic Camden Market or night out.

I hope you find this Camden Town useful in planning your time in London, and to this cool London neighbourhood! If you have any questions just let me know in the comments below!

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