The 10 Best Bottomless Brunches In London

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I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that people in England love to drink, and Londoners are no exception to that. The phenomenon of day drinking is an especially popular one.

The fact that is has become acceptable to day drink on occasions such as bottomless brunch has made it an all the more desirable activity.

Bottomless brunch has become extremely popular lately, and there are a lot of restaurants and venues in London offering it.

With so much choice, how do you decide where to go on a weekend to taste great food and get day drunk? In this guide I’ve compiled a list of the tastiest, most outrageous, most fun and just overall best bottomless brunches in London.

If you’re looking for the best bottomless brunches in London, you’ve just found them! So let’s dive straight in.

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What is bottomless brunch?

But first, let’s clear up all the confusion and definitions for those who aren’t convinced.

Bottomless brunch is an late morning or early afternoon meal, where you combine breakfast and lunch (hence the name brunch) and for a fixed price you can add unlimited booze.

Pancakes and poached eggs at Feya, one of my favourite brunches in London
Pancakes and poached eggs at Feya, one of my favourite brunches in London

The 10 best bottomless brunches in London

Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte is my personal favourite bottomless brunch in London, because besides offering some incredibly tasty Japanese fusion dishes, it’s also one of the few that includes cocktails in the bottomless drinks menu.

Chotto Matte is Japanese Peruvian fusion restaurant, and their bottomless brunch is all Harajuku themed. On the menu you will find tasty dishes like a sushi donut, ceviche and beef tataki.

The brunch menu costs £35 for 3 courses (a small plate, a large plate and dessert – with edamame and chips included). If you want it to be a bottomless brunch it costs an extra £20 for 2 hours of unlimited drinks from a choice of 5 cocktails.

The cocktails are very tasty, with some of them served in cat shaped tea mugs and cups, in real kawaii and Harajuku style!

There are also girls in pink wigs and crazy outfits that will make an appearance and dance around every so often during your time there.

Mews Brasserie – Mews of Mayfair

Mews Brasserie in the Mews of Mayfair offers a 2-course brunch menu with unlimited drinks for £50 for 2 hours. It’s one of the best breakfast spots in Mayfair, not just for bottomless brunch.

I personally love the venue, the location and the food, however the only drinks on the bottomless menu are prosecco, mimosa, bellini or bloody mary.

The menu is a more classic brunch menu, offering dishes like pancakes, French toast and eggs. The food is delicious and if you’re looking for a great classic brunch, in an awesome location in Central London, this is the one.

100 Hoxton

Rapsa @ 100 Hoxton offers one of my favourite brunches in Shoreditch (if not all of London), as it’s more flexible than others.

Here you can order any dish you want from the normal brunch menu and add bottomless, instead of having a set 2 or 3-course menu to choose from.

Sometimes I don’t want a 3-course meal with my alcohol you know? I just want to get day drunk! (insert laughing and crying emoticon here)

At 100 Hoxton bottomless brunch is £32, including any dish from the brunch menu and bottomless drinks. The drinks also include Aperol Spritz, Prosecco and slushies, giving a bit more variety to the non prosecco drinkers like me.

100 Hoxton is a Filipino restaurant and the bottomless brunch menu reflects that, with some traditional Filipino dishes like pork sisig (I love this one!) and tocilog, as well as classic brunch adapted with a Filipino spin.

The food is also presented beautifully, perfect for some foodie Instagram photos!

The Korean Croquette dish from Rapsa @ 100 Hoxton
The Korean Croquette dish from Rapsa @ 100 Hoxton

Mr Bao

Mr Bao is one of my favourite restaurants in London, and when they started offering bottomless brunch, I was absolutely thrilled. Mr Bao is a Taiwanese restaurant that specialises in, drum roll; baos!

They have a variety of baos and they’re all deliciously fluffy. Their brunch offers some baos on the menu, as well as more traditional brunch dishes with a Taiwanese spin, such as a Full Taiwanese or Rolled Spring Onion Pancakes.

They only offer two cocktails on their bottomless drinks list, but I love them because you have the option of choosing how long to drink for, whether per hour (£16 to £17 depending on the drink) or just £50 for a whole bottomless day!

Honest Burgers

At this point, it’s not really a brunch anymore, it’s just a boozy meal, but we’re going to keep calling it bottomless brunch. The burgers at Honest Burgers are simply incredible and when you add unlimited drinks to it, it just gets even better!

You can have a brunch burger or anything off the normal menu, then for an extra £30 you get 90 minutes of bottomless drinks.

For drinks they offer all the classics like Prosecco and Bloody Mary, as well as some more alternative choices like lager and gin cocktails.


For people that don’t work standard Monday-Friday working hours and are looking to get day drunk during the week, Hotbox is the place. You can order anything on the menu and for an extra £25 have unlimited Prosecco or Bloody Mary for 2 hours.

The menu offers some brunch classics like avo on toast, French toast and pancakes, as well as some exciting ones like breakfast burgers and tacos.

Hotbox specialises in American BBQ style dishes, so if you’re looking for the speciality I recommend having a meat based dish.


Gaucho offers an Electro Brunch Feast for £52.50 that lasts 90 minutes. I love this bottomless brunch menu because they have lots of cocktail options on top of the standard brunch drinks.

The food menu is also very varied, offering on top of the classic smashed avocado and eggs royale also tasty dishes like coconut quinoa porridge and burrata.

Gaucho is a famous Argentinian steak house so it’s not weird for someone to choose the steak at brunch there!

Lantana Shoreditch

Lantana Cafe is a famous Australian coffee house, with a cool interior design (perfect for some Instagram shots!) and great food. You can add unlimited Prosecco or mimosas for 90 minutes for 1.5 hours for £30.

The cool thing is there is also the alcohol free option with unlimited coffee and juice for £25, so that even non-drinkers can join in on the bottomless fun.

There is also a huge variety of food, with lots of original dishes alongside brunch classics. At Lantana you will also find a big plant based menu section, with lots of vegan choices.

Perception Bar at W London

For those who have a sweet tooth like me, you will love the bottomless brunch at Perception Bar @ W London.

Here not only do you get 90 minutes of bottomless prosecco or a delicious cookies & cream cocktail, but also access to an unlimited cookie, candy & smore dessert station!

For £45 per person you get one brunch main, which could be ribs, huevos rancheros or falafel, and bottomless sweetness and alcohol! If you’re looking for something a little different, and aren’t afraid of a little sugar, this is the bottomless brunch for you!

The Aeronaut

The Aeronaut is the perfect venue for those looking for an unconventional brunch. If you’re looking for something beyond just food and bottomless drinks, The Aeronaut is the place for you.

At The Aeronaut they offer a variety of themed brunch events, from Disney to the Greatest Showman, as well as 90s and Britney Spears.

Prices range from £35 to £41 depending on the theme of the day. You get 2 hours of unlimited of prosecco, mimosas or Bloody Mary’s, and lots of fun singing along to your favourite songs!

It’s the perfect chance to not only get a little day drunk and enjoy some lovely food, but also sing with your friends and have a fun day out.

Final thoughts on the best London bottomless brunches

So there you have it, the ultimate compilation of London best and booziest bottomless brunches!

These are my personal favourites, which combine great value for money, delicious food, have a variety of drinks (besides the standard prosecco and mimosas) and offer brunch with an interesting spin and not just the standard avocado on toast.

If you’re looking to get deliciously drunk in the middle of the day (and for it to be acceptable to do so!) you have to go for bottomless brunch, and these are the best places in London to do so!

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