12 Best Things To Do In Shoreditch, London

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Shoreditch is my go-to night out neighbourhood. Maybe because I lived in Angel for three years and the edgy clubs of Shoreditch were only a short bus journey away, but I find myself spending a lot of time in this quirky part of London.

It’s a bit of hipster area, and it has loads of fun things to offer. From trendy cocktail bars to grungy clubs, you’re always guaranteed a good night here. However that’s not all there is to Shoreditch!

There are lots of fun things to do in Shoreditch, beyond the nights out. Whether you’re looking for a cool vintage market or for some gorgeous street art, Shoreditch has something for everyone.

So without further ado, let’s discover this trendy London neighbourhood!

Me exploring the street art in Shoreditch, London
Me exploring the street art in Shoreditch, London

Where is Shoreditch?

Shoreditch is a neighbourhood in East London. Many Londoners argue over where this area exactly starts and ends, but for the purpose of this guide we will say it goes from around Old Street tube station to Brick Lane.

How to get to Shoreditch

Being such a big area, there are a number of different ways to reach Shoreditch. Getting around London can be a bit of a nightmare, but worry not!

You can reach Shoreditch with different transport modes, either taking the Northern line to Old Street Station or the Overground line to Shoreditch High Street. The area is also services by a number of different buses.

Roxanne - one of my favourite pieces of street art in Shoreditch!
Roxanne – one of my favourite pieces of street art in Shoreditch!

12 awesome things to do in Shoreditch

Discover the beautiful street art of Shoreditch

One of the defining characteristics of Shoreditch is the vast amount of street art dotted all over the area. Shoreditch is famous for being somewhat of a hipster neighbourhood, so it’s only natural that may of the walls here are covered in unique art pieces.

You can simply wander around and explore the street art, or you could also take a guided Shoreditch street art walking tour. These ones will not only take you to all the most beautiful art spots, but will also tell you a bit more about the art and artist.

If you want to do the street art tour yourself, some of the most beautiful pieces are in Rivington Street, King John Court and Whitby Street.

The colourful faces at the start of Rivington Street
The colourful faces at the start of Rivington Street
Some epic street art on Brick Lane
Some epic street art on Brick Lane

Explore Old Spitalfields Market

Shoreditch is home to many fun and quirky markets. Old Spitalfields Market is one of those.

This huge covered market is both one of the best places to eat in Shoreditch, but also one of the best places for unique souvenir shopping. Here you will find a huge variety of stalls, serving all sorts of ethnic food and quirky items.

It’s the perfect place to purchase some fun London gifts. You can also break up your shopping with tasting some awesome street food.

Taste a delicious bagel

In Shoreditch you will find Beigel Bake, one of the most famous bagel shops in London. This bakery does traditional Jewish-style bagels with salt beef, smoked salmon and many other delicious fillings.

It’s one of the most famous bagels in London, so if you’re visiting Shoreditch and want to grab some food to go, it’s definitely a must-see!

Go vintage shopping at Bricklane Vintage Market

As the name suggests, Bricklane Vintage Market is one of the best places in London for vintage shopping. In this huge indoor market you will find an incredible variety of stalls and objects.

Whether you’re looking for a new (or old) jeans jacket, some unique jewellery, cool tops or funky trousers, there’s a high chance you will find it here.

Like all vintage markets you might find some one in a kind pieces, so make sure to explore the whole place properly!

Explore the stalls of Backyard Market

Just across from Bricklane Vintage Market you will find Backyard Market. This is another big market, where you can find all sorts of clothes, jewellery, art and cute London themed gifts.

It’s a bit different from Bricklane Vintage Market in that not everything is vintage. Here you will find also some independent artists who create their own prints or objects, as well as personalised items.

This part of London is a must on any London itinerary. It might not be home to famous London landmarks, but it’s definitely lively place, where you can get a taste for the local Londoner vibe.

Enjoy a fun night out!

Shoreditch is one of my favourite places in London for a night out. There are all sorts of fun bars here, from fun live music venues to rooftop bars with incredible views of the London skyline.

You will also find many fun clubs like Cargo, as well as pubs like Barrio where after a certain hour they remove the tables and chairs, and the floor turns into a dance floor. The music and price range in Shoreditch is also incredibly varied.

On weekend nights (and occasionally on weekdays too) you will find loads of people out and about in Shoreditch. This London neighbourhood is great at any time of day, but it becomes particularly fun after sunset.

Play ping pong at Bounce

There are lots of awesome places for a night out in Shoreditch, but Bounce is one of my personal favourites. This cool bar is full of ping pong tables, and you can enjoy a ping pong tournament while you drink and dance.

It gets very busy on weekends so make sure to book online beforehand. You can book a ping pong table for a set amount of time, and then arrange your own games with your friends.

It’s a fun place where you can enjoy a bit of a different night out, even if you’re in London in winter or on rainy nights.

Play crazy golf

Another cool place for a different night out are the many crazy golfing in Shoreditch, such as Plonk Crazy Golf. These are whacky mini golf courses, where the traditional and relaxing green courses have been replaced by neon lights and crazy tricks.

Some have a bar with the crazy golf course, so that you can order food and drinks while you’re playing, whilst others are BYOB. These are less fancy but cheaper, as you can bring along whatever you want to drink.

Crazy golfing is always a fun night, both if you’re going for a night out with friends or even if you’re looking for a bit of a different date idea.

Playing crazy golf at Plonk in London
Playing crazy golf at Plonk in London

Taste international cuisine at Street Feast

Street Feast is my favourite street food concept in London. It’s a bit like a street food market, but with a focus on being a bit of a unique event, not just a dining experience.

Dinerama (the Street Feast in Shoreditch) has lots of stalls with lots of different cuisines, with a big seating area in the middle.

That way if you’re going out with friends and fancy different cuisines you can get food from different stalls, still sit together and taste diverse foods.

There is also a bar insider Dinerama where you can get drinks. The interior décor is very distinctive, with fairy lights and other unique aspects. You can combine your unique dining experience with snapping some fun London instagram shots.

The nitrogen ice cream of Chin Chin Labs in Camden
The nitrogen ice cream of Chin Chin Labs at Street Feast

Have a curry on Brick Lane

I know there are already quite a few foodie experiences on this list, but this one deserves a special mention.

Brick Lane is one of the main streets in Shoreditch (some people rank it amongst the prettiest street in London thanks to its street art!) and one where you can find many delicious curries.

One of my favourite London fun facts is that there are actually more Indian restaurants in London than in Mumbai in India. There is a big Indian community in London, with many of them originally locating in East London.

On Brick Lane especially you can find many of these genuine Indian restaurants. Curries in London are usually adapted for Western flavours, but according to my Indian friends the ones you find in Brick Lane are close to the real deal.

Some epic street art on Brick Lane
Some epic street art on Brick Lane

Visit Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market is a street market in Bethnal Green, on the eastern edge of Shoreditch. The market is open only on Sundays, so make sure to plan your London itinerary accordingly.

As the name suggests, you can find loads of stalls selling potted plants and flowers, as well as other market stalls, cafes and shops selling vintage clothes and all sorts of street food.

It’s a lovely market and perfect for a chill Sunday outing, maybe after a tasty Shoreditch brunch.

Explore Boxpark

What is it about containers that we love so much these days? BOXPARK is one of the coolest places in Shoreditch, and it’s home to many trendy cafes, independent fashion stores and cool bars.

Built out of shipping containers, this pop-up mall is a really fun and unique place to visit. There are other similar places in Camden and Brixton, but personally I love the one in Shoreditch.

If you haven’t had enough of awesome street food, hipster vibes and a fun night out, BOXPARK can give you that!

Final thoughts on the best things to do in Shoreditch, London

There you have it, the ultimate compilation of best things to do in Shoreditch, London! With its hipster vibe, you will find a huge variety of fun things to occupy your time in Shoreditch.

Shoreditch is one of my favourite areas in London. With its cool street art, Instagrammable restaurants, fun nightlife and quirky vibe, it’s an awesome place to explore on every London bucket list.

Are there other cool things to do in London that you think should feature on this list? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you find this Shoreditch guide useful in planning your time in London (regardless of whether you’re moving to London or it’s for a weekend trip)!

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