Where to Eat in Shoreditch: 6 of the Best Shoreditch Eateries

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The borough of Shoreditch has become one of London’s many foodie hubs. You can find international sit-down restaurants, mouth-watering take away nooks, and bustling food markets within a relatively small area.

You can stop for Filipino food at Rapsa @100 Hoxton, grab a punny sweet treat from Doughnut Time, or wander through the many tasty booths at the popular Dinerama.

So if you’re looking for where to eat in Shoreditch, this list includes all of the most amazing places for you to check out.

Me exploring the street art in Shoreditch, London
Me exploring the street art in Shoreditch, London

Where to Eat in Shoreditch

Best Restaurants in Shoreditch


Dishoom serves up some of the best Indian food in Shoreditch – and that’s saying something considering the number of Indian restaurants in the area.

As a matter of fact, Dishoom is definitely one of the best brunch spots in Shoreditch.

Since its start in 2012, Dishoom has opened eight locations, but the Shoreditch location holds the special title of being the first of them all.

Open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, you can show up for tasty Indian dishes at any time of day. You can try the famous bacon naan roll for breakfast or brunch, Dishoom chicken tikka for lunch, and the braised lamb raan for dinner.

If you have the option, be sure to ask to sit in the veranda room. All of the surrounding greenery will just add to your amazing dining experience.

Rapsa @ 100 Hoxton

Shoreditch is home to quite a wide variety of international cuisines. While Dishoom serves up Indian dishes, Rapsa @ 100 Hoxton whips up some of the best Filipino food in all of London.

You can stop by this delicious Shoreditch restaurant for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a boozy bottomless weekend brunch. Order the Rapsa breakfast roll, slow roasted lechon pork belly lunch box, or pan-fried duck breast with humba sauce.

Rapsa @ 100 Hoxton also offers a little something special every Sunday night: the Rapsa Boodle Fight.

This event is essentially a cross between a limited prix fixe menu and tapas style dining. You will get a bunch of delicious small plates, including lumpia spring rolls and oxtail kare kare croquetas, for a fixed price.

It’s a great way to sample many of Rapsa @ 100 Hoxton’s best dishes.

The Korean Croquette dish from Rapsa @ 100 Hoxton
The Korean Croquette dish from Rapsa @ 100 Hoxton

Best Places to Grab Take Away in Shoreditch 

Beigel Bake Brick Lane Bakery

When searching for where to eat in Shoreditch, Beigel Bake Brick Lane Bakery will inevitably make its way onto your list. After all, it is the most famous bagel shop in London.

Opened in 1974, this 24/7 bakery has been serving up traditional Jewish-style bagels for nearly fifty years!

All of the bagel fillings at Beigel Bake Brick Lane Bakery have remained simple, yet delicious. You can choose between a smoked salmon bagel, an egg bagel, a Nutella bagel, or even a chopped herring bagel.

You can also get quite a few sweet treats at this Shoreditch eatery, including croissants, strudels, and doughnuts.

Doughnut Time

While Beigel Bake Brick Lane Bakery specializes in savory treats, Doughnut Time focuses on sweet ones.

Doughnut Time is arguably the best doughnut spot in all of London. Between the fun flavors, fluffy dough, and punny names, it really can’t get much better.

While at Doughnut Time, there are dozens of doughnuts for you to try. Will you opt for the signature Nutella-filled Love at First Bite? Or perhaps the vegan caramel-glazed David Hassel-Biscoff?

No matter which flavorful doughnut you choose from this Shoreditch eatery, you really can’t go wrong. Doughnut Time also has a gorgeous shop front, with some of the most iconic street art in Shoreditch.

The delicious donuts of Doughnut Time in Shoreditch, London
The delicious donuts of Doughnut Time in Shoreditch, London

Best Food Markets in Shoreditch


Dinerama is one of the coolest street food concepts in all of London. There are dozens of food stalls serving different types of dishes – from Caribbean to Taiwanese to Argentinian.

There are even a few bars that you can visit for all of your drinks.

The best way to experience Dinerama is to go with a bunch of friends, have everyone order something from a different vendor, meet up in the central seating area, and share everything.

By doing so, you’ll basically have a culinary tour of the world without ever leaving this London market. Some of the best vendors at Dinerama include Yum Bun, VFC by Club Mexicana, and Chin Chin Labs.

Old Spitalfields Market

The Old Spitalfields Market has been open for over 350 years! While it has evolved quite a bit over the centuries, it has certainly made itself a famous London landmark.

Today, the Old Spitalfields Market has become a place filled with vendors carrying all sorts of wares, including clothes, jewelry, home goods, and of course food. It’s a must-see on any London itinerary and Shoreditch bucket list.

There is such a wide variety of food vendors at this historic London market spanning across all types of cuisines, budgets, and dietary needs.

Looking for French brasserie dishes? Head to Blixen.

Hoping for Chinese street food? Pleasant Lady might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Want to try a little something different? Visit Merkamo Ethiopian for Ethiopian-inspired vegan and vegetarian plates.

Simply put, no matter what type of food you’re looking for, you’re bound to find something to satisfy your cravings at one of the many booths at the Old Spitalfields Market.

Final Thoughts on Where to Eat in Shoreditch

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat during your lunch break, a sweet treat to serve as a pick-me-up, or a place for a lovely sit-down dinner, there’s a fantastic Shoreditch eatery that checks all of your boxes.

The borough of Shoreditch is one of the best places to stay in London. This foodie hub is filled with amazing rooftop bars, cafes, and brunch spots. In other words, if the food scene is a major focus on your trip to London, Shoreditch is perfect for you.

Are there other places to add to this list of where to eat in Shoreditch? Let me know in the comments below!

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