The 20 Funniest London Tube Memes Guaranteed To Make Any Londoner Laugh

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Ah the tube. A wonderful engineering feat that allows us to travel to all areas of London at high speed. And yet, ask any Londoner and they will likely tell you the tube is hell on earth.

There are strict rules about how to behave on the London tube, and when people don’t respect them it can get pretty funny.

If you’ve lived through the experience of taking the London tube at rush hour (and survived to tell the tale!) then you’ll find these London tube memes relatable and hilarious, even if a little painful.

Westminster tube station in London
Westminster tube station in London

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The 20 funniest memes & tweets about the London tube

1. Anyone else accidentally found themselves at Cockfosters at the end of a night out?

2. A modern take on a classic London quote

3. Don’t they know better than to randomly stop in the middle of the street?!

4. How dare they make you wait more than 4 minutes for the tube??

5. There’s a special place in hell for those people

6. And also for those who don’t move down the carriage

7. It’s easy to spot non-Londoners on the tube

8. Real Londoners don’t hesitate

9. Especially at rush hour

10. Or when you walk up the stairs at Covent Garden, you have to be an athlete for it

11. If you don’t appreciate it, leave that joy to others

12. You know that feeling

13. And the crushing feeling of years of experience gone to waste

14. Minutes that make your commute feel even longer

15. Strategic positioning at its finest

16. Anybody else feel like this?

17. We’re just no used to waiting for the tube!

18. Tourists don’t even know they’re breaking the London tube rules

19. Especially at Bank

20. And finally…

Final thoughts on the best memes about the London Underground

Jokes aside, public transport in London is actually pretty efficient and getting around London is quick and easy. But it is true that it can get unbearably hot and packed, especially during rush hour, and Londoners like to moan.

I hope you find these London tube memes funny. If there are more memes and tweets about using the London tube that you enjoy share them with us in the comments!

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